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The Android App Store offers a wide variety of apps for Android phone users to choose from. For Android smartphones, there are presently more than 2.6 million apps accessible. Since Android now controls the bulk of the mobile market, creating your app for Android is essential. Native libraries’ wide range of services makes it possible to utilize the latest Android handsets’ capabilities.

Creating an Android app may help your company grow significantly in terms of income while introducing your name and products to a worldwide audience. As one of Austin’s most well-known providers of android app development services, we work with both new businesses and well-established companies to help them expand. We can create bespoke apps for Android TVs, wearables, tablets, phones, and other devices.

Highly Customizable User Interfaces:

The management of Android apps is simple and highly configurable. Our Android app software solutions are extremely customizable in function and appearance, ranging from multimedia tools to data administration.

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Our Tools


For Android, Java is a versatile and strong language. Our Java-trained Android developers have years of expertise in developing apps for Android phones, tablets, TVs, and watches. Since it is the official language for Android development and has the greatest Google support, it is the language we use for most of our apps. We use Android Studio for development.

C/C++ & C#​

We occasionally utilize C/C++ when utilizing Android Studio for natively creating applications like games. C# is sometimes combined with technologies like Unity or Xamarin for cross-platform game development.


Kotlin is fully compatible with Java and runs on the Java Virtual Machine. There is no latency or increase in file size as a result. One of the top new Android coding languages, it is more organized and utilized in the Android Studio.

Android Testing Software Experitest and Robotium

Before submitting your app to the Google Play Store, we evaluate it using these two tools as well as a few more. Before the app is released, useful data may be obtained to assist in improving it.

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In the field of developing mobile applications, 5280 Software is a pioneer. Our talented team of developers works hard to produce the most beautiful and feature-rich products possible. Our team is made up of committed experts with years of expertise providing clients across the world with specialized Android mobile app development solutions.

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