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iPhones account for 55% of the US market for mobile devices. Applications for iOS may reach millions of customers and companies. Apple sold 240 million iPhones in 2021; topping a previous record of 231 million iPhones sold in the 2015 fiscal year.

Creating iPhone applications may take your company’s name and its items global and significantly increase your company’s income. We deal with new and existing firms to assist people with expanding their companies.

As a reputable and experienced Austin-based developer of iOS mobile apps, 5280 Software provides designs and creates the highest caliber apps for iPhone gadgets. Our staff comprises highly credentialed individuals with a proven track record that are trained, certified, experienced, and skillful.

Affordable and Custom iOS Programming Solutions

Our iOS app development services are tailored precisely to your requirements. You may employ us to produce unique apps that are both aesthetically beautiful and extremely useful in order to leave a lasting impact on the consumers. We complete the work inexpensively and follow the clearly outlined scope of work in the development contract as a dependable iOS app development business with a clear focus on client satisfaction.

Prompt Completion, Thorough Planning, And Research for Superior Results

In addition to fulfilling your demands within your budget, 5280 Software delivers a flawless, on-time product. We focus on methodical research and careful preparation before designing, developing, and testing procedures since we have worked with numerous firms and provide outstanding iOS development services.

Contact 5280 Software if you’re looking for personalized, sophisticated, inventive, and innovative iOS mobile app development in Austin.

iPad Development

We offer you the resources and professional development team needed to produce a successful iPad app, just like we do with iPhone apps. This year, hundreds of millions of dollars in income are generated by apps purchased through the Apple App Store. Let us assist you in expanding your market share and increasing your company’s revenue.

Apple Watch Development

We provide tailored solutions to provide news, fitness information, and much more to your users’ wrists. Thanks to our code libraries and APIs, you have the advantage in this developing industry.

Our Tools


For iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS, Swift is a versatile and potent language. Swift is a programming language our iOS developers have successfully used to create apps for iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

Objective C

Although it is no longer the primary programming language for iOS, our engineers are proficient in both this and Swift. When the necessity arises, 5280 Software can handle updating legacy code.


We also offer the necessary tools and a development environment for creating apps for Apple devices. XCode is ideal for editing and generating code, modifying the layout, building user interfaces, and more because it supports both Swift and Objective C.


Before iOS apps are published to the App Store, up to 10,000 people can test beta versions of them using the essential testing tool called TestFlight. Users’ insightful comments can be gathered to assist the app is being improved before launch.

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In the field of developing mobile applications, 5280 Software is a pioneer. Our talented team of developers works hard to produce visually attractive products packed with features. Our team of committed specialists has accumulated years of expertise in providing clients worldwide with specialized solutions.

We can help give cutting-edge solutions to both corporations and people. For iOS, Android, Cloud, IoT, and web development, 5280 Software uses the most recent technology. Whether you want a straightforward online application or a complex natively developed solution, we can help.

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