Five Major Benefits Associated with a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App

custom QuickBooks mobile app - 5280 Software LLC
custom QuickBooks mobile app - 5280 Software LLC

It is a fact that the initial QuickBooks payroll set-up in any organization can take some time and there is a need for the employees to learn this new system. The setup of manual payroll-processing can take some time and require the entire staff to do some tasks in repetition. Thus, the implementation of a custom QuickBooks Mobile App by 5280 Software LLC is indeed the best solution for different organizations in such a scenario. The employees can be asked which features are the best choice for the company. Is it an automated system or the manual setup for payroll? It is very possible that the employees would vote for a custom QuickBooks Mobile App because of its numerous benefits. In this article, we will cover five major benefits associated with a custom mobile app to provide a better understanding of the technological advancement that is applicable to any business or sector. 

What are the ways a custom QuickBooks Mobile App can make the day easier for the entire staff?

The main reason why a custom QuickBooks Mobile App is designed is to enhancing the overall efficiency of the payroll process in the company. The second objective is that the custom QuickBooks Mobile App would prove essential in resolving multiple instances of payroll-related problems. These are ways that a custom QuickBooks Mobile App can help you and your organization:

·         Assigning each employee’s payroll information along with the taxes and costs associated with their job’s tasks. The result can be used to generate job-cost reports which reflect the overall labor costs of an employee. A custom QuickBooks Mobile App can prove essential for the staff in using the built-in timesheets submission feature. Employees can enter time, materials, and even equipment use in the field into their mobile app.  This data is synced in real time or as soon as an internet connection is established.  Paycheck generation would be free of errors and more accurate.  Data can sync anytime a internet connection is available for the devices.

·         Employee information can be even organized properly. In the manual processing of payroll information, there could be mounds of paperwork that needs to be filed for all the new employees. On the other hand, a custom QuickBooks Mobile App is very useful in obtaining all the important information from employees that is required by the company. On-boarding can be integrated into the custom QuickBooks Mobile App to reduce the time that would be spent filling out forms.  All pertinent information about the new employee can be entered into the app and then automatically updated on the QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks online cloud company file.

·         Tracking and Administration Employee Benefits and Insurance: Generous benefits and insurance coverage is always attractive to potential and current employees.  These two things also have a major impact on overall job satisfaction.  A custom QuickBooks Mobile App can allow employees to view coverages, remaining sick and vacation days, and a plethora of other information.  Vacation requests, timesheets, and other documents can be entered into a custom QuickBooks Mobile App and imported automatically to QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks online cloud.  

·         Preparation and submission of payroll taxes: The fulfillment of this obligation can indeed be a big task for employees. The manual preparation of the reports in an accurate manner and then submitting the information to the correct agencies can involve numerous risks for employees. The outcome can be very negative for the entire organization in cases where a mistake is made. With the help of a custom QuickBooks Mobile App, this task can be simplified for the company. The automated collection of the information would prevent any sort of mistakes, like duplicate input of information, thus ensuring efficiency for the entire company. Thus, management does not have to worry anymore about the timely filing of the information and penalties associated with late payments.

·         Quick processing of payroll and accurate transactions: The time that is invested in setting up the whole foundation of the payroll system can indeed pay off for the company. With the help of a custom QuickBooks Mobile App, alerts and reminders can be pushed to any device reminding the user when payments must be made or when a timesheet is due. Alerts can also prompt the user to generate invoices or estimates for the projects they are currently working on.  We can implement any event that would create a reminder or notification.

An optional admin website portal can be used for an admin to setup these specific alerts as well. This same portal can be used to setup templates for applications and documents that can be pushed to these phones and tablets.  When the data is entered for the employee’s time sheet, this reduces the chance of error and entering information by accounting twice or incorrectly.  Employees can also submit expense reports, receipts, travel expenses, or invoice data from their smartphones or tablets.  All these customizable features improve the sales process and makes invoicing and billing an ease.  This system can also help in managing self employed contractors as well.

Final Thoughts for the Benefits of Custom QuickBooks Mobile AppThere are no downsides at all with regards to the use of a custom QuickBooks Mobile App. It is necessary to follow the right steps for submitting payroll information with attention to detail. A custom mobile app can provide employees powerful tools that will improve your accounting department’s efficiency.  5280 Software LLC can design and develop and custom solution that will run on an android or ios apple iphone, smartphone, ipad, or andoid tablet.

Our apps are customized according to your company’s needs.  These custom QuickBooks Mobile Apps can integrate seamlessly and connects with exiting intuit QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks online cloud company files.  This solution can also track location of employees or equipment using gps in real time.  This feature improves logistics and helps management track assets in real time.  Managers can send schedule and service information to employees in real time.

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