Testimonial – Website Development – Ray Ciarvella – ION Services LLC

Client Testimonial

Today I spoke with Ray Ciarvella, founder of ION Services LLC. ION Services LLC is a free resource to minimize your online footprint and stay safe from bad actors on the internet. I have known Ray for many years now and have worked on many different projects with him. Some of the things I have […]

How to Write the Perfect Blog Post

how to write the perfect blog post

Today I talk about how to write the perfect blog post. Blogs are a crucial tool to promote your product or service as well as get traffic to your website. Learn some #tipsandtricks on writing the perfect blog post. To tools to help you research your topic and competitors, to word count, and using infographics […]

Testimonial – Website Development – Anna Mannerfelt – Wired Mustang

Client Testimonial

Today I spoke with Anna Mannerfelt, founder of Wired Mustang. Wired Mustang is an amazing digital marketing and branding company in Colorado. Over the last year or so we have worked on a handful of projects. The majority of the projects were website development projects that included fixing coding errors, optimizing code, adding features, custom […]

Testimonial – Mobile App Development – Roosevelt Freeman – EPOCH Event

Client Testimonial

Today’s testimonial is from Roosevelt Freeman from EPOCH Event. 5280 Software LLC built their natively programmed iOS & Android mobile apps as well as the website that has all the same features of the mobile apps. We also implemented an admin portal for EPOCH Event. The EPOCH Event iOS & Android mobile apps, as well […]