Why Choose Us?

Top-notch Mobile Solutions

There are many development companies to choose from, so why choose 5280 Software?

The answer is simple:

5280 Software is here to support you during the entire project life cycle and we strive to deliver flawless and
stunning websites, mobiles apps, and custom software solutions.

Discovery and Planning Phase

We provide an NDA to our clients before our first consultation.  This guarantees your ideas and documents are held in confidence.  Once we have a clearly defined Scope of Work, which we can help you draft, we then provide a development contract.

Make sure whatever company you do hire provides a solid development contract that clearly defines the Scope of Work as well as the time and costs involved to develop your website, mobile app, or custom software.

In this initial phase we also discuss colors, themes, logos, and any other custom requirements.  Once
this is in place, we can develop mockups and wireframes.  UI/UX is critical to success and we work diligently to make sure this is delivered to your satisfaction before development starts.

Development Phase

Our senior-level team of developers and software engineers will develop your product according to your specifications.  We use industry-best platforms and technologies.  Our goal is to provide stunning products that provide a great experience for your users.

We are available whenever is necessary to discuss your questions over the phone, in person, and via video call.  You will also receive regular updates via email on the status of the development of your app, website, or custom program.

Prototype Phase

We will release a non-working prototype to you to test the flow of the app or software.  We can address any changes that need to be made to the flow at this time.

Testing Phase

5280 Software has an in-house testing team makes sure your product is defect-free before launch.  We also can release beta versions to you and your associates for testing during this phase.  We strive for perfection and update the code accordingly during QA and Testing.

Launch Phase

We will publish your apps or website for you.  We can assist in training for any custom application you have developed as well.

Our mobile apps are hosted on the Amazon Web Services Platform that allows instant scalability so the bandwidth, server requirements, and storage space needed is instantly available when your app takes off.

Maintenance and Updates – Post Launch

Post-deployment maintenance and updates of your mobile apps, website, and custom programs are available at affordable costs. 5280 Software offers these things which are crucial to your

Project’s success:

  • Full lifecycle support
  • Full service software development company that can boost your business presence:
    1. online with your website
    2. SEO experts to get your site on the 1st
      page of search results
    3. High-level App Developers
    4. Senior-Level Software Engineers for custom
    5. Graphic designers and content writers
  • Available when needed to answer questions and receive feedback
  • Provide secure payment processing as well as hosting and data storage
  • Competitive rates
  • Located in the United States