INTRODUCTION A “search engine” is several interlinked mechanisms that work together to identify pieces of web content — images, videos, website pages, etc. — based on the words you type into a search bar. Site owners use Search Engine Optimization to improve the chances that content on their site will show up in search results. Search engines […]

Importance of Testing in a Custom Software Development Company


Testing is an integral part of the software development process. There is a need to test any software thoroughly to ensure that it can be used by any consumer. You cannot launch a product without testing because you will not be able to determine if it works or not. Most software development companies that are […]

The Importance of ALT Text In SEO


INTRODUCTION Adding alternative text for images is the first principle of web accessibility. It is also one of the most difficult to properly implement. The web is replete with images that have missing, incorrect, or poor alternative text. Like many things in web accessibility, determining appropriate, equivalent, alternative text is often a matter of personal […]

Off-the-Shelf Vs. Hiring a Custom Software Development Company


There is always a choice to make especially if you are a business owner whether to buy an already existing product or build your personal product for business growth. Both choices are good but it usually depends on how you can fit the benefits into your business. It is the same for software development. There […]

Beginners Guide To Link Building


You’ve created content that people are searching for, that answers their questions, and that search engines can understand, but those qualities alone don’t mean it’ll rank. To outrank the rest of the sites with those qualities, you have to establish authority. That can be accomplished by earning links from authoritative websites, building your brand, and […]