INTRODUCTION You may have heard of beacons, but do you truly know what this small device can do to enhance your business’ digital marketing? In 2015, Google Beacons launched to help businesses gain visibility with customers as well as account for more accurate in-store traffic. Furthermore, they started sending free beacons to a limited number of physical business […]

7 Steps to Start a Successful Software Development Project


Investing in software development is something almost every business is supposed to consider. The software development life cycle is the time between when the product is initially designed and when it is finally released. The software development process can be complicated; that’s the reason why it has been broken into a few steps to help […]

A 2021 Guide to SEO Meta Tags


INTRODUCTION If you’re new to SEO and learning how to add it to your digital marketing strategy, a great place to start is learning more about meta tags. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the basics and best practices of using meta tags to optimize your webpages. Similarly, you’ll also learn how simple techniques […]

Top Reasons Why Custom Software Development is Important for Your Business


The digital world continues to expand; making it necessary for almost every business to invest in ensuring they can cope with the changes. The use of custom software is one of the ways businesses can adapt to the digital world. When used correctly, custom software can be used to resolve specific business needs.  This is […]

Reasons Why Custom Software Is a Cost-Effective Alternative for Businesses


Trying to decide whether investing in custom software is a cost-effective alternative for businesses has been a conversation that many business owners go through. Many business owners usually opt for off-the-shelf software because it seems cheaper as an initial cost but it is rather the opposite. Another drawback of off-the-shelf software is that it might […]