Software Requirements Gathering Techniques

INTRODUCTION It would be nice if requirements gathering was as simple as asking your customers and stakeholders what they want their system to do. Unfortunately, it’s never that straightforward. In most cases, stakeholders are not aware of all the alternatives that exist when it comes to developing a specific product. Immersed in the current status […]

3 Types of Metrics to Assure Software Quality

INTRODUCTION Why is metrics in software engineering important? Developers and company managers always worry about their final project’s quality. While the engineers simply want to provide the best service, business owners prioritize success and customer loyalty. Sometimes this may cause disagreements. That’s why every entrepreneur needs to know about the main metrics that define software […]

Why is Custom Software Development Crucial for the Financial Industry?

When it comes to choosing between custom software or off-the-shelf software, it can be difficult depending on the type of business you are going to use the software in. There are various types of industries that need software to function properly, and one of those industries is the financial industry. The financial industry is a […]

7 Steps to Start a Successful Software Development Project

Investing in software development is something almost every business is supposed to consider. The software development life cycle is the time between when the product is initially designed and when it is finally released. The software development process can be complicated; that’s the reason why it has been broken into a few steps to help […]

Top Reasons Why Custom Software Development is Important for Your Business

The digital world continues to expand; making it necessary for almost every business to invest in ensuring they can cope with the changes. The use of custom software is one of the ways businesses can adapt to the digital world. When used correctly, custom software can be used to resolve specific business needs.  This is […]