9 Simple Steps to Start a Successful Blog


If you don’t know what a blog is, the simple definition is that it is an online space that allows you to share your knowledge or thoughts on certain topics. You can have a blog as your main website or it can be part of your website as an extension. Having a blog can help […]

How to Optimize Your Web Design for Mobile Devices


The mobile phone is a powerful device because you can do almost everything on this small device. Today, going online using your mobile phone has been easier than ever, making the mobile phone industry a lucrative business. Technology has made it easier for businesses to go online, so many business owners are trying to take […]

How to Monetize a Blog


This article was written by your Denver website design partner, 5280 Software LLC in order to help you better understand how you can make money blogging. We are going to talk about some of the proven strategies that can help you gain revenue from your blog. When most writers decide to create a blog, which […]

8 Steps To Design Your Own Website


The online world keeps expanding, and more people continue to rely on the internet for almost everything. More websites are being created daily, and this can be a good way of sharing information. Have you ever thought about creating your website? The thought of creating one’s website can be exciting, but most people get discouraged […]

How to Create an Online Form for Your Website

How to Create an Online Form for Your Website

Online forms are conveniently there for us for many of the actions that we perform online. Whether signing up or logging in, providing our shipping information, or subscribing to a newsletter, online forms can be trusted to guide us along the way. And if you’re in the process of creating a website for your business, […]