How to Monetize a Blog

How to Monetize a Blog

This article was written by your Denver website design partner, 5280 Software LLC in order to help you better understand how you can make money blogging. We are going to talk about some of the proven strategies that can help you gain revenue from your blog. When most writers decide to create a blog, which is a type of website, the reason for doing that is because of the passion they have for the topic they are writing about. A blog is a simple platform that allows you to share your ideas or views on a particular topic of interest.

Creating a successful blog means getting a consistent audience that reads your content regularly. Even though it is good you write about the things you love, it does not necessarily provide any revenue unless you do something about it. The good news is you can gain revenue whiles writing about what you love. If you need help you can contact the pros at web design, 5280 Software LLC.  If you need help with your online marketing efforts, we are also a comprehensive digital marketing agency.

Freelance blogging

be a freelance blogger

If writing is really your passion, you can consider freelance blogging. This is when you write blog content for other website owners, and then you charge them based on the workload. This can help you generate revenue if your original blog is not drawing in much traffic. With this you make money writing for other people while you are also working on drawing in traffic for your website. Many platforms on the internet connect freelancers to job opportunities. You can use these platforms as a way of getting job offers while you continue to work on your website.

Create and sell online courses

Depending on the topic you are writing about, you can create and sell an online course to your audience. An online course is one way of engaging with your audience whiles generating some revenue on the side. The online course can be in either a written or video form, but most content producers prefer selling an online course in video format. You have to research what your audience enjoys and are likely to pay for because you cannot sell an online course that nobody wants.  We are one of the top Denver web design agencies that can assist you with course creation.

Online ads

make money through online ads

One of the most common ways bloggers and website owners make money is through online ads. This is when the site owner displays advertisements on the website and charges the owner of the ad or generates revenue when users click on the ad. This strategy is common because the blogger does not need to put in much effort to display the ad. You can also make money from ads by using Google’s service known as Google AdSense. Google AdSense allows you to display other people’s ads on your website and you are paid according to the number of clicks you get on each ad. If you want to generate revenue through ads, you must ensure that all the ads you are displaying on your website correlate with your content.

Offer paid membership plans

A blog post is a content that carries your ideas. When people regularly read your blog posts, it means they enjoy what you are offering and you are adding value to a certain aspect of their life. Although you can have a blog that offers free content, you can also add paid membership plans. When a user signs up for a membership plan, they get exclusive content. You can also persuade users into signing up for your membership plan by allowing them to view part of your content.  5280 Software LLC, one of the top Denver web design agencies, can help you setup a membership portal on your website to help you obtain ongoing monthly revenue.

Write sponsored posts

If you realize your content is attracting a large audience, you can start writing sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are contents created as advertisements for a specific product or service. To get started, you have to find a brand that sells products similar to what you are writing about. This makes it easier for consumers to purchase because they believe you are offering them a good product. With sponsored posts, you know how much you are making because you negotiate before finalizing a deal.

Ask for donations

If generating revenue is not your main reason for having a blog, you can simply ask your users to send in donations. Donations must come willingly so you don’t have to force them. You can simply have a page that asks for donations providing details where the money can be sent to. Your audience will support you especially if their donations are towards a good cause. If you are asking for donations then it means you cannot monetize your content using other strategies, because donations are a way users thank you for offering free content. We are your premier local website design companies that can help you craft your message asking for donations.


The above options are ways to monetize your blog.  The goal of achieving revenue from your blogging efforts can be done if you provide high quality content.  The main point is you have to ensure that your readers will continue to come back to read your new blog posts.  You can watch this short video about how to write the perfect blog post to help you get started.  You can also read 10 ways to keep your blog content fresh.  If you need help with setting up your blog and get some tips, contact the premier Denver website design company today.  We specialize in responsive website design that will make your site look stunning on desktops as well as mobile devices.

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