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The use of a mobile application has become the most accessible mode of connection between businesses and their customers. Increase in the number of apps has made the software development industry more like a battleground. It is now clear that mobile app development can get you recognized or set you at the bottom of the app store list.

For your business to grow to new heights, you need to know and use a couple of the key features we are going to discuss in your mobile app development.  These features distinguish an excellent application that is offered to the user.

Here are some of the features that you can use in your mobile app development to boost your business in the industry.

Search or Virtual Voice Assistance Feature

The search feature is an essential component in a mobile app; as it enables users to locate information or data that may not appear on the menus. This feature comes in handy because you only need to type a keyword or key phrases and click “search” to get what you want. 

Getting assistance through the use of voice as an input in operating an app adds amusement and comfort to the user experience. The voice search is one of the popular features that most businesses aim to introduce in their new mobile applications.

The need for virtual voice assistance is for users that are always on the go or driving, making it hard to operate their handsets.  Voice search is an important feature where a hands-free user experience is required.

Responsive Design and full Touch-Based Feature

When designing for mobile devices, you need to consider screen sizes. A mobile app that adapts to the size of the smartphone or tablet contributes positively to the user experience. 

The modern trend in developing mobile apps tends to do away with all forms of typing. A fully touch-based user interface has replaced the keyboard-mouse setup.

The Augmented Reality is a modern innovation in mobile applications that allows users to enjoy an interactive experience viewing real-world images with superimposed text or computerized information. If you are familiar with Pokemon GO, then you have an idea of what to expect from this feature.

Face And Fingerprint Detection Feature

Most app users are cautious about safety and security protocols. Modern smartphones and mobile devices come with fingerprint detection and face recognition. With this in mind, you need to tailor a security feature that makes use of this technology.

Customization Feature

Some mobile app development projects give the user the ability to change some settings related to the appearance. This feature allows users to change the font, color scheme, pattern, layout,  theme and other flexible options. Always try to find a way to make the user experience personal.

Autosave Feature

The autosave feature is vital in mobile app development where transactions are involved. Users do not wish to manually fill out forms with information already in the app system. This feature helps save time and allows the user to complete a process with ease.

Geo-Location Feature

The location feature can be helpful for users in locating your direction. This feature is necessary where the user wishes to find routes and locations on a map.

Social Features

If your application idea allows, you can choose to add social features that will enable users to share information and reactions with friends, family and colleagues using the same app. These features can also work with your social media integration strategy. With this feature, your users can collaborate with people they know that are online.

Offline Feature

This feature might not work in all apps, only in applications that have specific functions that do not necessarily need an internet connection. This feature allows the user to deal with activities that only complete when the internet is available.

Also, this feature works best when the user wishes to schedule and queue individual requests for a later time when they will go offline. The user can do other things with confidence that other tasks will be accomplished at a later time of the day, week or month- even when there is no internet coverage.

Customer Feedback And Push Notification Features

Some mobile apps come with customer feedback features that allow users to share their experience and express themselves. You will receive instant information and data that you can use to your advantage and respond quickly with a solution.

You can respond to customer feedback through the Push notification feature and also provide relevant information with regards to the mobile app. This feature works better than emails that often end up in the spam folder.

Bottom Line

Mobile app developers are working extra hard to come up with more features to attract and keep their customers engaged. Most top-tier apps have two or more of the features mentioned above. As you can see, there is a lot that goes into mobile app development and features play a crucial part of it.

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5280 Software LLC, located in Denver, Colorado is one of the leading premier software development companies in the US.  Our clients over the year have ranged from small to medium sized business, startups and even enterprise level clients such as RingCentral.  We have developed custom solutions for clients here in Colorado, across the USA, Canada and Europe.  Our team of expert developers deliver flawless ios iphone mobile apps, android mobile apps, websites and custom software.  We can build web apps, cross platform (hybrid) apps or native apps coded in swift or java for your company.

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5280 Software LLC is here for entire project life cycle, including post launch support and future updates.  We harness innovative technologies and programming languages to deliver solutions to solve complex problems and optimize your business process.  Our exceptional, dedicated staff has the expertise to deliver powerful, cutting edge solutions to our clients.  From concept to inception we are here for you!

If you have an idea you would like to disucss, feel free to email us your full name or company name and we will send you a signed NDA.  5280 Software LLC provides a signed NDA to all of our clients to safeguard any information they may share with us during the discovery phase.  Once an NDA is in place, feel free to fill out our mobile app development questionaaire and then book a call to discuss your project.  Let us turn your idea into reality!

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