First Step in Starting a Blog? Choose a Name and Purchase a Domain


What’s in a name? Well, a lot if you’re a blogger!

Unfortunately, finding the right name is one of the most frustrating parts of being a blogger, particularly nowadays when it seems all the good names are taken…meaning the URL is not available.

But you want to start a blog, right? So there must be some creative juices flowing through your veins. Tap into that creativity, do some brainstorming (I always like putting pen to paper for these types of brainstorming sessions) and you’ll come up with the right name.

Once you have your blog name, check if the domain is available, i.e. If it’s available, purchase it before it’s gone. URLs seriously can be available one day and gone the next so don’t delay if you found your perfect name. And domains typically run only about $9.99 so it’s worth it to claim even if you end up changing your mind later.

Also, if you’re for sure set on your name and it’s available, you can often get the domain for free by registering for it when you sign up with a hosting company to host your blog.

Wait, you may be saying…what’s this hosting business I need to start a blog?

Let me explain.