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Have you ever been unable to find what you’re looking for in the main navigation of a website? Have you ever been considering a product on an e-commerce site but been unable to find the return policy? These instances of user behavior is exactly why your site needs a well-designed website footer.

Aside from the main body content, a website includes a header and footer, which serve a particular purpose to help visitors. The footer is yet a key element for a website. It is an important section for website visitors who want to get more information about your company.

website footers

Website footer design is about choosing what to include; with the intention of helping visitors.

Before we look at the various examples of unique footer designs, let us learn what it is and why are they important.


A website footer is a section of content that appears at the very bottom of a webpage. The footer might be the last thing your visitors see, especially for those who scroll down quickly. The website footer is the last opportunity to grab and hold a visitor’s attention.

Footers can provide supplementary information and summarize the main points of the content. They can prevent someone from leaving the website and never returning.


  • Guiding your readers:

Generally speaking, publishing engaging content on our website will help attract more visitors. However, what happens when your readers reach the end of your page or post? Your readers shouldn’t be left without anything at the bottom of the pages. Instead, you need website footers to help navigate your readers to other pages of your website.

  • Credibility:

Website footers are the ideal place to showcase badges of trust, awards, certificates, accreditation and security tags to assure customers that your business website is trustworthy. This will significantly increase the likelihood of a purchase.

  • Establish consistency:

A website footer provides site visitors with a sense of consistency, as the same information will appear at the bottom of every single one of your site. Due to evolving user behavior, creating a sense of consistency is increasingly important. To keep visitors from leaving your page immediately after they have opened it, you can offer a way for readers to discover more attractive content at the bottom of the page. This makes your footer the perfect place to invite visitors to further engage with your site.

  • Can boost search engine optimization:

When Google web crawlers scan through a website, one of the factors they analyze is the number of relevant links. Laying out navigational links in a website footer may give your website an SEO boost and help it gain traction in organic search engine results.

Furthermore, footers help to:

  • Retain visitors longer by capturing their attention
  • Encourage visitors to return to the website
  • Make the website and company memorable
  • Acquire more leads

What to put in a website footer?

  • Copyright Notice
  • Privacy Policy Link
  • Sitemap
  • Logo
  • Contact Information
  • Social Media Icons
  • Email Sign-up Form


  • Mom & Popcorn: they deal with gourmet popcorn, old fashioned candy and sodas. Their footer is bright and vibrant, dominated by various, eye-catching images.
  • Ditto: Eyewear retailer Ditto takes the idea further, moving its navigation from the top of the page to the footer. By doing so, they limit the options available to casual users, meaning they can easily lead customers through their product selection process
  • Site Inspire: The footer on Site Inspire is beautifully simple, containing only a short profile and links to recently posted content. Such an approach offers readers the option of accessing more content when reaching the bottom of page, meaning that they’re more likely to continue browsing the site.


There is no universal footer that fits every website. It is up to the developers to design a footer that suits the website. In this article, we’ve discussed what a website footer is, it’s relevance to your website and some of the common examples. May they help you design a successful, useful, and appealing website footer.

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