Increase Mobile App Development Engagement: Push Notification Strategy

Increase Mobile App Development Engagement: Push Notification Strategy

When customers engage with your product, you are assured that business is good. However, the most challenging part about consumer engagement is attracting and keeping the interest or attention of a potential customer focused to your digital product. Did you know that a Push notification strategy can make your current and potential customers engage more with your app?

This information might come to you as a shocking and strange idea since we are used to seeing our friends, colleagues, and relatives turning push notification off. For some people push notifications can be annoying at times, but studies have shown that push notifications can improve app engagement by more than 80 percent.

In this article, you will learn something new about push notification and how to design a push notification strategy to increase your app engagement. Read on to discover some of the opportunities you have with push notification in creating engagement and a good user experience.

Push Technology

For starters, push notifications are small messages or information that get displayed at the top section of a mobile device screen. Customers use push notification to stay up to date with changes in the accounts on various platforms. On the other hand, push notifications are viewed as a great marketing tool for app developers because they can make you stay in contact with your users.

Push notification is supported by push technology, an invention that has been in use in email systems for a very long time. Push notifications can be considered as real-time messaging. In the past, you would have to wait until you get to your desktop and access your email, but things have changed. Nowadays, you can get the information you want anytime and anywhere, even without touching your mobile device.

Why Would You Need A Push Notification Strategy?

1. User Engagement

According to studies, less than 25 percent of users visit an app the following day after downloading and installing it on their mobile devices. The same studies show that this percentage continues to shrink as days go by. There are different ways to reverse this trend and one of them is the use of push notifications.

  • Invitation Back

Push notifications are the surest way you can get the attention of your users because they appear right in front of their eyes. They only have two options, ignore the notification or tap on it to go straight to your app. You can use it as a tool to drive your users back to your app with a powerful message. It is a direct link back to your app.

  • Reminder

Paired with direct linking, push notifications can be used to direct users to complete or perform specific tasks you want them to do. For example, a user has placed some items in a cart and left the transaction at confirming shipping details. You can use push notifications to remind them and take them to your app to resume from where they had left.

  • Make Purchases

Customers can abandon their shopping carts just right before they make the payment. The best way to re-engage them is by using push notifications to communicate about a discount they can apply to complete their purchase.

  • Urgency

You can also build urgency using push notifications by delivering a message that communicates about the expiry date of the goods or products they have been holding in the shopping cart.

2. User Experience

Some developers use push notifications to help increase user experience with relevant, crucial, and time-sensitive information mostly to deal with app privacy and safety.  You can still use this powerful tool to communicate some of the changes you have made on the software and policies of the app.

Push Notification Strategy

Now that you have a good idea of push notifications and how they work, it is now time to look at some of the strategies you can use to improve user engagement.

Step 1: Reason to Use Push Notification

In this step, you are required to identify the problem you wish to address by using a push notification. You will find that some users will bounce off at a specific point in the app experience, with this information in mind you understand that there is a reason why most consumers do not go beyond the point.

Your customers may not be interacting with your new content or they may be seeing your prices to be a bit too costly. Probably one of your features has a problem or there is a bug in your mobile app.

Step 2: Understand User Needs

You may wish to understand the reasons why people use your product.  Understanding the importance of your app solution to your customers will help in developing personalized user experience and help remove potential obstacles in their way.

Step 3: Targeted Push Notifications

Understanding how different people value your app solution will help group your users according to shared characteristics. Push notifications must reach the right audience otherwise they will disengage active users.

Use targeted messages to make your push notification campaign relevant, and more effective. The timing should be based on user behavior and location, you can send push notification to your customers during their active times.

Step 4: Response and Reactions

You can track your push notifications to determine how your app users respond to your messages. Use trusted tools to track response and collect relevant data that you can use for future reference. Use the insight from your analytics to develop custom push notifications that have a high success rate of re-engaging your app users.

 Step 5: Optimize Your Strategy

Continuous improvement will help you develop engaging push notifications. You can use new tactics and add personalization to your strategy. Personalized content can increase your open rate by up to four times. If you intend to include your user’s name in the message, make sure that you get it right.


The best way to complete your strategy is to give your app users full control of the push notification feature.  Seek to provide user-controlled push notifications with powerful customization options. if your users don’t allow your push notifications, you still have push permissions to convince users to opt-in.

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