The Right Website Development Process: A Step by Step Approach

The Right Website Development Process: A Step by Step Approach - 5280 Software LLC

Many roads lead to Rome, therefore, your biggest challenge will be to find the one that is fast and less costly.  In website development Denver, you will need this a straight and reliable path for the development of a quality product.

Besides coding, your special investment requires a powerful design process. In this article, we’ll share the right website development process for business solutions.

Step 1: Strategy

A plan is an important tool in any project because it acts as a road map. Where would you want to go? Since all businesses are unique, you’ll need a strategy that is way beyond a basic plan. A website development strategy contains elements such as:

  • Purpose
  • SMART Goals
  • Target Audience
  • Competitor Analysis

In this stage of the website development process, you will be asking and answering (why, how, what, and who) questions.  This phase tends to identify the resources you will need for this project such as tools, equipment, and others.  It involves a brainstorming session and deep market research to better understand your competition and target audience.

Step 2: Scheduling

Your plan is not complete without considering time – a resource that is free, limited, and part and parcel to every SMART goal. According to your unique plan, you should know which activities are fastest. Based on the experience you have in the industry; you should be able to estimate the time each task will take to complete. Lastly, use the information you have to develop a flexible schedule.  

Step 3: Design

In the design of a product, there is a need for prototyping which provides a model or visual representation the what is to be expected. It is also an opportunity to test your concept before you can go deeper into the development process.

You can do prototyping in website development by using wireframe structures and mockups. This is the first action in turning your idea or imagination into reality. As work through this process, you will discover the number of pages you need. This information can be useful in determining the amount of storage you need.

The design stage is the only opportunity you have to make any changes to the idea of your website before proceeding to code using HTML and CSS for the design.  You are to use this opportunity to make reviews, approvals, and tweaks where necessary.

Graphics and content design fall in this stage in preparation for use in the development stage. Branding too can fall in this stage and can take the form of Logos or slogans. In this stage, you’ll also have to be specific of the features you need and factor in UX/UI, responsive, and interactive design. You can get inspiration from the market trends on what to use to make your website generate more traffic and leads.

Step 4: Development

This is the stage that marks the beginning of writing complex front and back end coding for your website. Here you will be building for user experience and your marketing goals. Modern website navigation systems are developed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. It begins with the use of the right platform, database, and features.

In this article, we feature testing in the website development stage, however, some developers would rather see it as a step on its own. As you test for functionality, it is equally important to also test the level of security on your website. Tighten all security leakages and fix any errors that you find after using the site.

Step 5: Launch

We are now in the second to the last stage of the website development process where you get to hand over the product and management to the client. A pre-launching test is done on a local server before the website is put on a live one.  In some processes, testing is featured in this stage to ensure that the client-developer agreement is met.

Step 6: Maintenance

It is through this stage of website development that we understand that it is an ongoing process. The maintenance of a site involves making updates and fixing observable bugs that may occur from time to time. As new technology arises, you should not hesitate to make that necessary upgrade. Most of the work required in this stage is troubleshooting and monitoring the website.

Wrapping up

From this step by step guide, you will notice that much work in the website development process is required in three of the stages: strategy, design, and implementation. This process can consume much of your time and resources if you do not determine the right path to use.

Following these steps should help you develop the right solution for your business. Most website development Denver service providers use this guide to build effective and successful online products.

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5280 Software LLC is here for entire project life cycle, including post launch support and future updates.  We harness innovative technologies and programming languages to deliver solutions to solve complex problems and optimize your business process.  Our exceptional, dedicated staff has the expertise to deliver powerful, cutting edge solutions to our clients.  From concept to inception we are here for you!  5280 Software LLC will deliver stunning mockups and sketch wireframes for client approval before the development stage begins.  Our comprehensive, highly creative strategies are effective in building brands with beautiful, unique designs and ideas.  We can also design you a phenomenal logo and help with brand and branding success.

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If you have an idea you would like to discuss, feel free to email us your full name or company name and we will send you a signed NDA.  5280 Software LLC provides a signed NDA to all of our clients to safeguard any information they may share with us during the discovery phase.  Once an NDA is in place, feel free to complete our convenient mobile app development questionnaire and then book a call to discuss your project.  If you are ready to start the process to develop your product, we are here to assist!

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