Top 3: How to Choose the Right Software Development Methodology

Top 3 : How to Choose the Right Software Development Methodology

A software development methodology is a framework used to structure, plan, and control the process of developing a software system. Many frameworks have been developed over the years, with each having its own strengths and weaknesses.  Software development methodology one of the best ways of managing a software development project.

Every company or business has its way of implementing its software development project management. It is different from one project to another. There are many methodologies like waterfall, prototyping, spiral development, and extreme programming.

For proper execution of outsourcing custom software development, most software development companies take many factors into account.  The following are some of the factors that can help you choose your project’s development methodology. 

  • Your business requirements
  • Cost of delay
  • Experience on projects
  • Feedback on the work done
  • Solution or the end product
  • Frequency of change request

The following are some of the methodologies for your custom software development project.

  • Waterfall
  • Kanban
  • Extreme Programming
  • Prototyping
  • Spiral development
  • Iterative and incremental development
  • Rapid application development

The best custom software development companies can help you choose what would be the best methodology to use.  Th best software development companies like 5280 Software LLC have particular software development tools to deliver the best solutions for your business. Here are the pros and cons of some of the most commonly used methodologies for your custom software development project. 

The Waterfall Model

This is probably the oldest methodology for custom software development. It is still in use because it has proven that it can be effective on various occasions. The waterfall model is a developmental model with defined sequential phases and phase objectives. For the waterfall model to work effectively, reviews of the work in progress must be given to ensure that each phase’s requirements are met before a new phase starts.

Some of the phases you might see in the waterfall model include;

  • Requirements analysis
  • Software design
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Integration
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Waterfall Software Development Method Strengths

  • Waterfall method helps to conserve resources
  • You can measure the progress of system development
  • It is ideal for supporting project teams with fewer experienced members or project managers. 
  • The orderly sequence of development steps and strict controls for ensuring the adequacy of documentation and design reviews helps ensure the quality, reliability, and maintainability of the developed software.

Waterfall Software Development Method Weaknesses

  • Inflexible, slow, costly and cumbersome due to significant structure and tight controls.
  • Project progresses forward with only slight movement backward.
  • Little room for the use of iteration, which can reduce manageability if used.
  • Depends upon early identification and specification of requirements, yet users may not clearly define what they need early in the project.

Situations where the Waterfall Software Development Method is most appropriate:

  • Project is for the development of a mainframe-based or transaction-oriented batch system.
  •  Project is large, expensive, and complicated.
  • Project has clear objectives and solutions.
  • Pressure does not exist for immediate implementation.
  • Project requirements can be stated unambiguously and comprehensively.
  • Project requirements are stable or unchanging during the system development life cycle.

The Iterative Model

The iterative method approaches software development on an incremental basis. It starts with a partially completed system and then gradually integrates more features until it develops the complete system. With this approach, the iterative method allows for greater flexibility in the development process than the waterfall process. It makes for easier integration of new functions and implementation of changes. In subsequent iterations, you can easily implement improvements to the previous iterations.

Incremental Software Development Method Strengths:

  • Potential exists for exploiting knowledge gained in an early increment as later increments are developed.
  • Moderate control is maintained over the project’s life through the use of written documentation and the formal review and approval/signoff by the user and information technology management at designated major milestones.
  • Stakeholders can be given concrete evidence of project status throughout the life cycle.
  • Helps to mitigate integration and architectural risks earlier in the project.
  • Allows delivery of a series of gradually more complete implementations and can go into production more quickly as incremental releases.
  • Gradual implementation provides the ability to monitor the effect of incremental changes, isolate issues and make adjustments before the organization is negatively impacted.

Incremental Software Development Method Weaknesses:

  • When utilizing a series of mini-Waterfalls for a small part of the system before moving on to the next increment, there is usually a lack of overall consideration of the comprehensive system’s business problem and technical requirements.
  • Since some modules will be completed much earlier than others, well-defined interfaces are required.
  • Difficult issues tend to be pushed to the future to demonstrate early success to the management.

Situations where the Incremental Software Development Method is most appropriate:

  • Large projects where requirements are not well understood or are changing due to external changes, changing expectations, budget changes, or rapidly changing technology.
  • Web Information Systems (WIS) and event-driven systems.
  • Leading-edge applications.


While there are several many different types of custom software development methodologies, we have just summarized the most common.  The software development life cycle can be optimized with these methods.  The right software development company should adhere to the methodology they choose strictly.  Top software development companies like 5280 Software LLC can decide which works best for your project.  This decision can help reduce custom software development cost and timeframe.

About 5280 Software LLC

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All software development projects are based off a clearly defined scope of work that outlines the functions and requirements.  If you need assistance with preparing your scope of work, we offer scope creation services.  If you decide to work with us, the cost of this scope creation is applied to your project price.  All projects include a development contract with a clearly defined cost, development timeline, payment schedule, and deliverables.

5280 Software LLC is here for entire software development project life cycle, including post launch support and future updates.  We harness innovative technologies and programming languages to deliver solutions to solve complex problems and optimize your business process.  Our exceptional, dedicated staff has the expertise to deliver powerful, cutting edge solutions to our clients.

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If you have a software development idea you would like to discuss, feel free to email us your full name or company name and we will send you a signed NDA.  5280 Software LLC provides a signed NDA to all of our clients to safeguard any information they may share with us during the discovery phase.  Once an NDA is in place, feel free to complete our convenient mobile app development questionnaire and then book a call to discuss your project.  If you are ready to start the process to develop your product, we are here to assist!

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