Top Trends for E-Commerce WordPress Websites

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WordPress (GNU General public License) is a popular Content Management System as more than 30% of all websites use it. The CMS provides a flexible solution that helps professionals, freelancers, small businesses and online stores build websites without the need for writing code from scratch.

With a WordPress website, anyone with an interest in e-commerce can now open an online store and sell products or services. There are limitless possibilities as to what content you can create, store, and manage on this platform.

For you to capture the interest of your audience, you need to come up with impressive web design. Online merchants will need a little knowledge of website design. They will also need to make use of WordPress themes, add-ons, and plugins like WooCommerce to add powerful features, functions, and functionalities that guarantee high traffic and conversion rates.

Thanks to the WordPress developers, the new features that they roll out are more responsive and user friendly. You can now improve your WordPress site and optimize it with SEO friendly components. These improvements aim to give online store owners total control of their businesses. As days pass, these e-commerce sites tend to evolve offering different user experiences.

Let’s look at some of the eCommerce WordPress website trends that you are likely to see these days.

Display Technology

Gone are the days when you would need 2D images of various angles of a product to achieve a 3D view.  Thanks to Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and 360-degree you can now immerse yourself in a 3D space and view the product from all angles. This technology has made it easy for homebuyers to use VR headsets and do a house tour without the need of visiting the building.

With Augmented Reality (AR) you can tweak your interior design with accessories or products on display. The 360-degree display allows you all possible views of a particular environment. VR technology takes you into a virtual room where you can do your shopping and make transactions online.

Your WordPress eCommerce platform can support VR, AR, and 360-degree viewing technology by the use of plugins. You can use the WebVRshop plugin to turn any of your products or accessories into 3D models. For 360 degree you may need assistance to website development Denver agencies or other developers that offer this service.

Video Headers

The best way to get more click and conversion is by using immersive videos. Videos can grab the attention of a visitor and shape your first impression. You can use moving images to create curiosity and suspense with a slow-motion effect and teaser videos.  You can use a video compilation to showcase your products and services to visitors that find it hard to go through blocks of text.

However, this only works for a site that can deliver a fast loading time of at most 10 seconds. For best SEO ranking, your page and header video should load in three seconds or less.

Customizable and Flexible Themes

One of the trends among online shop owners is the use of Themes that have drag and drop functionalities.  WordPress themes can be modified and customized to obtain a layout that matches your e-commerce goals and vision. You no longer need prior coding or programming knowledge to build your site or page interface.

To set or change elements in your WordPress E-commerce site, all you need is to drag a widget and drop it where you want on your site.

Mobile-Friendly Shopping

Since most audiences visit websites using their mobile devices, online stores must be mobile-friendly. The reason you need to optimize your eCommerce website for mobile use is that you need to deliver the right user experience that will drive sales and rank higher on Google.

You need to build a website design that adapts to different screen sizes and resolutions. You will need plugins that will let you preview how your content will look like on different devices.

Personalized Shopping

Online stores are now delivering personalized shopping. Have you wondered how international stores manage to estimate the price of products in your currency or the shipping duration? This functionality can be achieved by WordPress plugins.

These plugins rely on GPRS technology to access the required geolocation information. Online merchants can provide offers according to the customer’s location. All you have to do is request permission to access the visitor’s location and the add-on will do the rest of the work.  

Improved Customer Support with Chatbots

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have revolutionized how websites implement customer support services. The use of Chatbots in WordPress websites has made it easy for customers to get personalized assistance. 

The messaging service does not need third-party integration or any form of training to perform its duties. For example, WoowBot is a plug and play chatbot and can be installed with zero configurations. These conversational plugins come with advanced features that promote multitasking and quick response.

Ecommerce Website Designs

As time goes, website designs go obsolete with the changing needs of the audience. New sites come into the market with new designs that focus on simplicity, clarity, and loading speed. There is a great use of typography and color psychology to make the website design align with the three goals. These websites come with minimalistic, asymmetrical, and unconventional designs to enhance user experience.


Generally, user experience takes priority when it comes to web design.  And that is the reason why WooCommerce remains a powerful tool when it comes to converting a WordPress website to an e-commerce site. Advancement in technology is a game-changer, especially in making custom solutions for online stores.

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