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Are you looking to hire a local mobile app development company in Denver for your next big project?  Look no further than 5280 Software LLC, a leader in the Mobile App Development industry globally and in Denver.

At 5280 Software LLC, you’ll only hire resources that meet your needs. We are the top Mobile App Development Company Denver small businesses choose to consult for a digital transformation. We have also served mid-market outfits, startups and well-established enterprise-level clients such as RingCentral.  We deliver custom solutions to companies and customers located here in Colorado, nationwide, and even internationally.

5280 Software LLC exists to improve your digital experience. Our speciality in native In-house mobile app development puts us in a position to help you meet your market and company needs. Besides Native applications, we build web-based (progressive, single page or multiple pages) and hybrid mobile apps.

Regardless of the industry you are coming from; we have served small and medium business clients in healthcare, advertising, telecommunications, retail, nonprofit, construction, education, e-commerce, IT and entertainment and state industries.

We have a team of skilful and talented Mobile Application developers. This team features employees that have a rich design and programming background. Our team of like-minded specialist is versed in technical challenges and solving complex designs in mobile application development.

Since there are over two million apps for Android and over two billion apple iphone units, it is crucial to consider the two operating systems when designing your mobile app.

At 5280 Software LLC, we use new and leading coding languages, and tools for Android and IOS such as Java, Swift, Kotlin, Xcode, TestFlight C or C++, Objective C and C#. Besides coding languages, we use cutting-edge technology to develop intuitive, feature-rich, user-friendly, and responsive native mobile apps.

With the increasing demand and focus on maximising usability and the user experience, we apply UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) designs in Mobile App Development. With you and your business in mind, we use the outside-in approach which is beyond the common app development process. In the end, you’ll achieve the most optimal coverage of all target audiences through a cross-platform solution.

At 5280 Software LLC, we understand that you need a great experience regardless of the type of mobile device (smartphone, tablet, or wearable) you intend to use to run your business. Your app will look great in both landscape and portrait mode. Therefore, we first try to understand what you need in a mobile context and then design for it.

Our Mobile App development decisions arise from the Six W’s (Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How) questions approach. At 5280 Software LLC, we ask the right questions to understand the challenges facing your business. We often take the initiative to engage users and clients upfront to inform product design and development decisions.

5280 Software LLC follows a Lean Mobile App development process that includes Strategy and Planning, Scope creation, App Development, Prototyping, Testing and Product Delivery. Additional Support through the entire project life cycle may include post-launch support and updates.

As one of the most reliable and renowned Mobile App development company, Denver businesses enjoy cutting-edge mobile application solutions made from best practices and coding standards.

5280 Software LLC ensures that your apps perform well from the start and when multiple people are using them at the same time. Engage with Denver’s most trusted experts in Mobile App development to help you build, test, and release your five-star mobile application

When building a new mobile app, finding the right partner is the most critical decision you need to make. At 5280 Software LLC, we can create you a newer, scalable version of your old Mobile App. As for your old applications, we can help you develop additional features to improve their performance. 

Whatever it is that you are looking for, be it a new app, an improvement of the existing one, or a replacement, we have the right tools and team to build your vision from scratch.


·         Native iOS or Android development

·         In-house Android, iPad and iPhone app development

·         Full project life cycle support

We love working with our clients and appreciate the trust they put in us to deliver their Mobile App and software solutions. We’re here to help you get from conception to the end product, a highly scalable solution.

Whatever problem you’re trying to solve, our Mobile App Development Company Denver experts will help you strategize, design, build, and manage your mobile app solution. Get mobile app development solutions that pay you back with increased real-world engagement and loyalty.  Connect with us today to learn more about the premier agency in the USA.  We help brands with innovative designers and developers.  Our experienced team creates unique solutions at a competitive price.

5280 Software LLC builds iOS mobile apps, Android mobile apps, websites, and custom software.  We also provide Search Engine Optimization and Website Traffic Generation services to get your site ranked higher on Google and other search engines.  5280 Software LLC offers solutions that can integrate with existing platforms through the use of third party software and APIs.

Our skilled team recently launched a custom QuickBooks mobile app that seamlessly integrates with either your stand alone install of intuit QuickBooks desktop, or QuickBooks online cloud company files.  We have a variety of projects we completed and have the expertise to turn your idea into reality!  If you are looking for a quality built mobile app that will run on multiple platforms and devices, feel free to book a free discovery call today.

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