The Utilization of Custom Mobile Apps for Small Business Accounting Systems

Quickbooks Payroll & Invoicing Application

Small business owners have numerous choices when navigating their options for business accounting systems.  Many business users search online for various types of accounting apps that can provide benefits to their business. However, the best option that has proved effective for them is a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App. This solution gives an ultimate financial package to users. It is quite robust for not just processing but also reporting on the financial transactions of the company. It proves effective in eliminating the need for employing multiple software packages. A Custom QuickBooks Mobile App allows the owner of the business to have a better understanding and control of their financial data.  We are going to cover the effectiveness of a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App that integrates with a business accounting system. 

The Need of an Accounting System for a Small Business

There are several small-business financial accounting apps which are available on the market. You must not fall into the trap of buying many apps to manage different kinds of accounting functions such as production of invoices, management of payroll, and handling job-costing. A Custom QuickBooks Mobile App has the inclusion of a variety of integrated subsystems that consists of:

·         Payroll

·         Accounts receivable

·         Accounts payable

·         Inventory

·         Purchase orders

·         General ledger

·         Reporting to management

All these subsystems have the ability to not just access, but even carry data across the important “accounting cycles”. For instance, when you enter the purchase transaction order in a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App, you have the ability to select specific costs of items and then indicate the job associated to this item. From a purchase order, the data is imported into the bill-entry process automatically. There is no need to re-enter the job data and costs. Invoice creation can also be simplified with the implementation of a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App.  Data entry is minimized by using this app.  Data integrity is optimized as well. Reconciling tasks and month-end reports and duties are made easier with a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App. At day end, accounting data would be correct and the process would be simplified. The time that has been saved in this regard can be utilized for other operational work and help reduce the company’s bottom line.

The financial accounting app can be customized to meet the needs of the business

It would be better for the company to just stick to one accounting app for their small business. In this case, this system can be optimized with a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App . The accounting system of the small business also needs to be flexible. The users of the business would want the information to be organized in one particular way. After few months, the users may have another requirement based on a change in the organization.  These changes can be accomplished with a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App.  Another interesting aspect is that with QuickBooks, the users can:

·         Simplifying tasks by dragging and then dropping a particular account from one position to another.

·         The accounts can be grouped, merged, and subtotaled as well.

·         Reports to management can be created in such a manner that represent the summary of pertinent information. It can even prove critical in tracking and reporting details regarding estimates, sales, and job costs as well.

·         Financial reports must be prepared in such a manner that they can be easily utilized for tax purposes or banking.

·         The reports can be filtered as well to only show certain kinds of data.

·         The templates also need to be created in such a way that they must have multiple customized aspects deemed crucial for business forms. Examples of this are quotes, invoices, statements, and purchase orders.  Reports can track and send data to your management team at the intervals you setup.  An optional web portal can be built to sync data between the phones, tablets, and QuickBooks company file.  This fully customizable portal can be a powerful analytics tool.

·         Overhead costs must be subtotaled and segregated as well.

This is just the beginning. Once the business users can learn how to use a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App , the platform can be customized even more. Attendance of meetings and time clock management can be integrated as well.  The amount of customization of your application is nearly endless.  We can create the great features your company can use that connects to your employee’s smartphone.

Final Thoughts on the usage of Custom QuickBooks Mobile App for Small Businesses

A Custom QuickBooks Mobile App can make your business run more efficiently.  Data can be captured in real time on Android or iOS Apple iPhone smartphones as well as ipad and Android tablets.  When the device is connected to the internet, this data syncs automatically with your stand alone intuit QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks online cloud company file.  When the device is offline, the data is stored locally and then syncs automatically when an internet connection is established.  We can implement a gps feature to allow the capture of location of employees and equipment in the field as well.  This powerful solution works on smartphones and tablet devices.

This solution seamlessly integrates with not only QuickBooks, but other third party software as well.  5280 Software LLC can build a custom solution to work with your existing hardware and software.  We can integrate with other systems and devices through the use of custom coding and APIs.  5280 Software LLC offers customizable solutions for your integration needs.  Our applications are delivered in a timely manner at competitive pricing.  We are there to offer post launch support and code upgrade services.

We build iOS mobile apps, Android mobile apps, websites, and custom software.  Are you looking to customize your off the shelf CRM, or maybe get a custom dashboard or portal developed?  Feel free contact us today to find out how we can help optimize your business processes.  We also provide Search Engine Optimization and Website Traffic Generation Services to get your website more visitors.  We have worked with a wide gamut of clients; from small to medium sized businesses, startups, as well as enterprise level clients like RingCentral.  Feel free to schedule a discovery call today.  5280 Software LLC turns your ideas into reality!

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