The Significance of Using a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App in the Construction Sector

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If any individual or a group of people are running a construction company that consists of many employees, it would be vital for the owner to consider the employees as an essential element of the business. The question would arise for the business owners, how would they meet the needs associated with their clients? Are they able to address the client’s needs in not just a timely manner, but high-quality manner as well?

The main question for the business owner is whether the employees are providing more benefits to the organization as a whole or are they costing more which is indeed a major concern? Employees are provided several incentives in the construction sector other than just their pay. The main question that arises in such a situation is how can a custom mobile app help with payroll management in the construction sector. The role of a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App is important for the employees working in the construction sector. Below are the details related to this topic.

Management of Payroll in the Construction Sector

You might think that you can save a considerable amount of money by manually managing the accounting transactions; especially in regards to payroll. Though, the case may be actually the opposite. In the short run, the employees would not make use of their time wisely. Secondly, in the long run, there is the risk that the employees might make errors and miss critical information that can have an effect on the profitability of the company. With the help of a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App in the construction industry, the majority of the payroll tasks (that would include deductions, taxes, government tax forms, etc.) can be handled quite efficiently.

The powerful features associated with a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App allows management in distributing not just compensation, but even payroll taxes. Cost management can become easier with the help of a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App.  This would prove useful in assessing the true job costs and providing a more accurate payroll process. The information extracted in regards to accurate payroll numbers is very critical for the pricing, estimation, and budgeting of accounting values.

Major Functions of a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App

So, what are the major functions that can prove vital for a construction company once they utilize the features of a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App?

·         The creation and printing of paychecks can be easily carried out with the option of direct deposit into the employees’ checking or savings account. 

·         The categorizing of payroll into different accounts in Profit & Loss reports. This solution allows numbers to be sorted based on role: direct, indirect, or administrative employees. With the help of a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App, the company can generate more meaningful management reports.  

·         The computation and posting of accurate employer and employee taxes are possible based on the tables consisting of Federal, State, and Local tax information. With a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App, employees enter their time into the app; reducing the chances for double entry and other clerical errors.

·         Payroll tasks needs to be allocated in an efficient manner to all employees.

·         Contributions to retirement and savings account can be automatically calculated.

What Tasks Would the Payroll and Management Staff Have After the Implementation of a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App?

A Custom QuickBooks Mobile App would make the lives of management working in the construction industry easier. Daily tasks in intuit QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks online cloud would be greatly reduced.  Hours, materials, and equipment logged in real time in the field would still have to be checked my management and admins.  This solution provides real time data to job costs as well as billable hours for employees and equipment. 

5280 Software LLC can also build a custom web portal for administrators and management to log into to show locations of employees via GPS, as well as send messages to iOS or Android smartphones and tablets about job locations or tasks to be completed.  This customized solution helps in tracking time and materials.  This app can also assist with sales processes and generating invoices.  This portal can also generate reports on a set interval or whenever data is needed to be compiled.

Final Thoughts on Using a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App in the Construction Sector

Once have made the decision of integrating a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App, it is important to assess the benefits of this custom solution. There would be some costs related to building a custom mobile app but we have seen clients see a large ROI with the streamlining of their business processes. Access to data collected from this solution can be managed with ease.  Credentials can be generated for Admins and Management with ease. 

The time associated with payroll tasks and report generation is greatly reduced with a Custom QuickBooks Mobile App.  This customizable platform can integrate seamlessly with any existing hardware or software.  Data will sync from the mobile devices whenever an internet connection is available.  When an internet connection is not available, the data is stored locally and then synced automatically when the device connects to a mobile or Wi-Fi network.

Banking and card payments information, invoicing and billing, customer management, employee expenses, and even receipt submission can be integrated into your Custom QuickBooks Mobile App.   The time associated estimates and invoice creation can be optimized with a custom solution.  Integration with in house third party applications is also an option with your Custom QuickBooks Mobile App.  Through the use of APIs, we can build a platform based on your needs.

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