Vital Components of a Website

vital components of a website

Web design can be a simple thing if you know what you are doing. But if it your first time, it may be a difficult challenge to overcome. Creating a website does not guarantee it will be successful because there are many factors that can cause the failure of your website. You must know that as a web designer or website owner, you must know that there are certain components or features you need to add to your website. These components are important especially if you want your website to succeed. Today, we are going to talk about some of the vital components or features every web designer should add to their website. Let’s begin, shall we? 

About us page

Unless creating and building a website is your hobby, you have an aim or reason for creating your website. Using this aim, you can generate content for your viewers. As the name suggests, the about us page is a web page dedicated to informing users about the aim of the website. Usually, if users visit your website for the first time and they don’t know what the website is about, the first thing they look for is the about us page. Having a good about us page makes it easier for users to understand why your website has been built. This is where you can also list your goals and missions for your visitors to take note of.

about us

Contact info

If your website starts to gain recognition, one of the things you will realize is that people always want to get in touch with you. It is not compulsory to reply to your visitor’s comments but it is necessary for you to interact with your audience. The more you interact with them, the more you build their trust in your website. Creating a contact section that provides all your social media information is one way of interacting with your visitors.


Navigation is one of the factors that determine whether your website will succeed once it is launched. One way web designers make the navigation through their site easy is by using a menu or links. Making sure your website can be navigated through is easily is something every web designer focuses on. When your website can be navigated through easily, it simply means that users can easily view the contents of your website without having any difficulty. If your website is a business website, it is better to focus on making sure your website can be navigated easily.

Search options

The more you add content to your website, the more it keeps piling up. For example, you have a blog, the more you add articles to your website, the more they keep adding up. When this happens, it becomes difficult for users to find more content if they want to. This is where providing search options can in useful. The search options make it easier for users to find content on your website. The search option can also be used to discover new content added to the website.

search options
search options


If you know what the footer is you might be wondering why it is relevant in this conversion. Some web designers ignore adding a footer to their web page because they think it is not necessary but the footer can be helpful in certain situations especially when it comes to the navigation of your website. One advantage of having a footer is you can add many features and links to help users navigate easily through your website. For example, you can add links to other pages of your website, like adding a link to the privacy policy page.


These are some of the main features you need on your website. This is the job of a front-end web designer because these changes are directly seen by the user. It is not compulsory to use the features mentioned above, but having the feature or components helps your website. There are web designers in Denver like 5280 Software LLC that offer both front-end and back-end services. If you feel you cannot build your website on your own, you can simply contact us as we are standing by to help you. 

About 5280 Software LLC:

5280 Software LLC, located in Denver, Colorado is a premier software development firm.  We have worked with a variety of clients over the years.  Our expert team of developers have helped many small to medium sized businesses. We also work with startups, as well as enterprise level clients such as RingCentral.  Our custom website design and development services are tailored to solve whatever challenges your business is facing.  If you are looking to build a mobile app, we can deliver flawless apple iOS mobile apps. We also build stunning android mobile apps as well. . 

We help execute your website design and development plans to perfection.  A website is powerful tool for branding and showcasing the products or services you offer.  We can build you a WordPress, E-Commerce, or custom coded website at competitive prices.

Once the site is launched, or if you already have a website, we offer Search Engine Optimization Services to achieve higher search engine rankings.  Contact us today with your website’s URL and we will put together a free SEO analysis. It will include pricing and timeline to get your site ranked on the first page of Google. Our experienced and dedicated team has a proven track record and provide regular reporting on tasks completed. Regular reports of keyword movements during your SEO project is also included.  We help businesses and companies gain rankings on all the major search engines.  If you need the best mobile app development companies, you have found them!
We can improve the understanding of your business and marketing outreach through the use of analytics. We offer a complete solution with the latest technologies to solve your obstacles and scale your customer base. From the start of any project (and at every stage, step, phase, and release) we focus on the client. We always ask for feedback while we develop the project.  Creating a quality solution for a business or startup is our end goal.  Our strategy and processes are based on solid communication with our clients.  5280 Software LLC is one of the top mobile app development companies in the USA.  We are far better than other website design and development companies that charge more money for lower quality.

All projects are built according to a clearly defined scope of work.  If you need assistance with scope creation, we offer this as a service FREE OF CHARGE. This scope of work will be used in the provided development contract.  Make sure whomever you hire for your project provides you a development contract with clearly defined pricing. As well as development timeline, payment schedule, and deliverables.  We would like to learn about your project and help refine your scope of work.  Our custom website, software, mobile app development, and digital marketing agency is here for you every step of the way.

We look forward to speaking with you about your project.  Learn why clients around the world trust working with 5280 Software LLC.  Feel free to visit us on our social sites Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or send us a LinkedIn connection request to learn about our offers to get answers to your questions.  Want to hear firsthand from our previous clients the superior service we offer?  Check out our testimonialsCall us today at 888.510.0833 to learn about our local Denver website design and development services.  We are a local Denver CO design website company you can trust to deliver a flawless responsive website design!

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