Why Is Mobile App Development Necessary For Your Online Business?

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Developing a mobile application is the building of a program that can be used on devices such as smart phones, tablets and smart watches. Mobile apps are created for various Operating Systems such as iOS, Windows and Android.  If you are looking for a custom mobile app and software development company here in Denver, CO, look no further!  5280 Software LLC is one of the top companies in the US who can build your iPhone or Android mobile app. We are the premier Denver Mobile App Development agency.

We are living in a world which is surrounded by technology and is continuously growing.  Every field is trying to introduce technology to take maximum advantage of this. Over 80% of the people that possess a mobile device initially search for a product or service online. Of that 80%, 27% search for mobile apps that are linked with the product or services they want to buy.

These days, mobile apps are being developed for almost every reason you can think of. Many mobile apps focus on the selling of goods and providing a service. Currently, the number of people using mobile devices is more than 1 billion worldwide. Lets’ go through the main reasons why mobile app development is necessary for your online business –

Client Loyalty:

Mobile apps can be used to develop loyalty with customers.  Mobile Apps lets businesses establish a direct contact with the customers through advertisements, purchases through app, promotions, and notifications delivered through the mobile app.

Worldwide Exposure:

People using smart phones spend a huge part of their day on their devices. According to research, the average person spends 162 minutes a day using the apps installed on their phone. Therefore, having a mobile app for your business can give your business worldwide exposure and help your business scale. Let the premier Denver Mobile App Development company help achieve your business goals.

Boost Sales:

Mobile apps are used globally for boosting sales of products and services to help businesses maximize profits. For example, after the introducing their mobile app, Domino’s Pizza in the US tallied more than 60% of its sales via digital orders. For even more exposure, mobile apps are linked with social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Raise Awareness About Your Brand:

Raise Awareness about your Brand

A well-designed mobile app is the best way for a business to raising awareness about their brand.  Brand recognition is achieved with the help of a mobile app. If the app is built correctly, you can attract more customers. Promotional offers and discounts through your apps can help keep your customers engaged.

Tool for Marketing:

Businesses can use mobile apps as a marketing tool to reach the target audience. Using mobile apps for disseminating information will eliminate the need for traditional print advertising.   All your customers can be alerted about promotional offers via a push notification.

Platform For Obtaining Data and Information:

Mobile apps can be used as a platform for obtaining information about their customers. Analytics can show you how long the users spend using the app and track purchase and browsing history.  This data can be used in future marketing endeavors as well as for advertising.

5280 Software LLC is the premier software development company based in Denver, Colorado.  Our clients over the years have ranged from self-funded startups to enterprise level clients such as RingCentral.  We have delivered a wide variety of customized products and solutions over the years.  We offer website design and development, mobile application development, iot, ai, and custom software applications.  If you are looking for a web developer located here in the US, contact us today!

Denver Mobile App Development Company

We can build cross platform or natively programmed iOS or Android apps.  What are the pros and cons of native apps? You can find that info here.  Our newest solution is a custom mobile app that can interact with your QuickBooks desktop or online database to capture data in the field in real time.  This solution can greatly reduce the time spent on payroll and invoicing tasks.

Our experienced and expert developers use cutting edge technology to create innovative products and solutions for our clients.  We deliver high quality smartphone apps based off your idea and built according to the scope of work.  We strive to work within your budget and development timeline to the best of our abilities.  Also, all projects are developed under a provided development contract with a set price and time.  Do you need help drafting your scope of work?  We offer scope creation services to refine your project’s technical details and help achieve your desired results.

If you are searching for a professional agency specializing in delivering cutting edge software, look no further.  Hire the team that specializes in building top rated apps.  Feel free to book a discovery call with our team today!

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