WordPress Blogs: How to Increase Your Page Views

WordPress Blogs: How to Increase Your Page Views

If numbers do not lie, then getting more page views on your WordPress blog is a good indication that you have a great readership. A blog that is doing good attracts between 20 to 100 daily views. Your blog is above average if you can achieve at least 50,000 blog page views within a month.

There are many ways you can make your blog popular, some of which come at a cost. Here are some of the tips Website Development Denver companies recommend that can help increase your WordPress blog-page views.

Develop High-Quality Blog Post Content

High-quality content attracts more readers and keeps them engaged. You can achieve this by using a comprehensive and conversational writing style. If that is not enough, you need to get your facts right by doing in-depth research on your topic beforehand.

A good blog post should be interesting to read. It should provide important information and educational content to your audience members. Try improving the flow of your blog post by tactically adding humor, images, charts, and other visual assets. Adding videos and infographics will make your content more appealing and easier to share.

Considering that a picture is worth a thousand words, you can share more information if the reader can decipher the meaning of the content in one look. As you aim to achieve high readability scores, make sure that you keep your sentences short, less than 20 words. Also, make good use of white space and readable fonts. And if you intend to use videos, make sure that they buffer quickly.

One area that most blog writers should always focus more on is to develop content with no spelling and grammar errors. Some readers have keen eyes for details, so it is best if you let someone else go through your content.  Too many mistakes on your content will undermine your authority and put off your readership.

Since your headline is part and parcel to the blog post, you should craft one that is both informative and can easily capture the attention of a visitor.  Therefore, you need a strong headline to increase more page views and quality content to reduce your bounce rate. Focus on headlines for user engagement and instant interest.

Optimize Your Blog Post for Search Engines

More than 90 percent of people on the internet use Google search engine. However, there are other search engines you can optimize your blog for, and these include:

  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Baidu
  • Yandex

The importance of integrating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in your content development process is to get blog visibility when you get a higher ranking on search engines. Therefore, you need the most used keywords or phrases and find a way to strategically place them in your content. It is important to know that longer and well-structured blog posts rank well on search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is by far the most effective and affordable way to attract organic traffic. You can hire any Website Development Denver company or professionals blog writing services near you to help optimize your blog for SEO.

Make Your Blog Easy to Navigate

Making it easy for your visitor to move from one page to another can effortlessly boost your blog page views. All you need is to properly label your buttons or menus and build quality links. Boost your SEO strategy by providing internal links for easy navigation, and explaining new or complex words.  Backlinking can also increase page views and reduce the bounce rate on different pages of your blog.

Furthermore, navigation through your blog content can be achieved through headings, titles, and on-page links. For the best navigation, it is recommendable that you declutter your blog and optimize its loading times. Here, the rule of thumb is to provide quick access and reduce unnecessary distractions.

Make Your Blog Post More Engaging

The best way to make your content more engaging is by providing an opportunity for the reader to share their views. Adding a comment section on your blog promotes dialogue between the reader and the writer. As you engage your visitors, you generate more keywords and phrases that can easily increase your page views.

. The best thing about user-generated content is that it is a good indicator that your readers love your content and lets you engage with your audience on a personal level. Long term business begins with building good relationships with your customers. Ask questions to make your post more engaging and develop a call to action tactics if you are offering a product or services

Make Your Blog Easy to Share

Developing informative and interesting content will make your reader stay, and as they explore your blog chances are, they will share your posts with their peers.

Is your blog optimized for social media sharing? You can take advantage of your audience’s social media sharing habits to increase your blog page views. Use PR and media coverage services to syndicate your blog post to social media platforms.

Post Your Blog Content Regularly

For your blog to stay active and avoid stagnation, you need to frequently post content. Therefore, you will need a time table, which can be daily or day (s) in a week. Sticking to a timetable guarantees the reader that on specific dates, they will get the information they need.

Writing something new at regular intervals gives your reader a reason to come back. As you write you should focus on content that attracts more users. It is also important to make your blog easy to follow so that when you post new content, they immediately get a notification. There is a much higher chance that your reader will visit your blog if you have a follow widget.

Wrapping Up

Incorporating these tips into your blog puts you on the right track to drive page views and making your platform popular. It’s more about putting yourself on your customers’ shoes and identify what they need the most.

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