Reasons Why Your Hospital Needs an App


Every industry is looking to take advantage of the cutting edge of mobile innovation. Progression in technology can be a great help to a person if used strategically. Hence, mobile applications for medical facilities are blessings for individuals searching for treatment. They are also an immense help for patients looking for specialists.

With hard work, resources, manpower, and financing, you build a facility for treating patients and call it a hospital.

Gradually, your hospital earns goodwill in the market due to serving the highest quality healthcare services. 

The quality service then increases the manpower in the hospital too in terms of staff, nursing staff, doctors, and experts. More employees are a result of a greater number of patients, which impacts the overall process of the hospital. An increase in employee base along with patients creates a need for a process that will streamline the overall process of the hospital. To do so, one of the tools that can ease this growth process is the hospital mobile app. 

Here in this blog, you will learn why a hospital mobile app is so important.


Here are a few tips to help you create the next great hospital mobile app.

1. Do your research. Ask your patients or potential future patients what they would like to see in a mobile app. Create a quick online survey available on your website or include a printed survey in your community publications.

2. Identify your solutions. What questions or problems does a patient have that you could help solve with an app? Here are a few solutions that have been incorporated into other great hospital apps:

  • ER Wait Times
  • Clinic Wait Time
  • Closest Facility
  • Facility Locator
  • Maps and Directions
  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Medication Reminders
  • Physician Finder
  • Contact a Practitioner (email, phone or text)
  • News and Event Alerts
  • Imaging and Lab Results
  • Secure Location for Your Information (emergency contacts, medication, insurance, providers, allergies, etc.)

3. Be unique. Your hospital app should offer at least one thing that your main website does not offer. If your app can offer solutions that other hospital apps in your service area don’t provide, even better.

4. Consider being service-line specific. You might want to consider developing one main hospital app and other apps that are specific to individual service lines. For example, if you have a fantastic diabetes management program, you could create an app exclusively dedicated to diabetes. If you want to focus attention on your pediatrics program consider an exclusive pediatrics app and include fast access to information on how to treat common childhood ailments, pre-office visit (poison ivy, dog bite, pink eye, mosquito bite, chicken pox, etc.) and a one-click link to the nearest poison control center.

5. Make it easy to use. If your app has too many hoops to jump through, people won’t continue using it. Try to keep clicks to a minimum whenever possible.

6. Go easy on health information. According to the same CPM Marketing Group study, health information ranked a distant third on survey respondents list of desires for a hospital mobile app. There are thousands of websites (including your hospital’s website) that are great places to research health conditions, and people prefer to use a laptop or tablet for research. People typically use their smartphones and mobile apps to simplify their lives, not to perform research.


Most attractive healthcare segments for medical health app companies

1. Access to EHR/EMR

Access to electronic health records/ electronic medical records is the most desired feature that very few hospital apps have. It’s hard to implement medical records access due to security concerns and restrictions, but it’s definitely worth it.

An app that allows access to medical records is beneficial both for patients and doctors because it lets them seamlessly exchange information. Different departments can also send lab results and all kinds of documents, which makes communication extremely efficient.

2. Appointments

This feature is second on the list of most desired features in a healthcare app. The ability to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments is crucial for convenient communication between doctors and patients. This feature is present in best medical health apps. Scheduling through a mobile app is convenient, happens in real time and automatically sends notifications.

3. Prescriptions

Prescriptions is the third feature people want to see in a mobile app. Writing prescriptions on paper is outdated – patients want to be able to do everything through a mobile app. Processing medical prescription refills is way faster in a mobile app, as a patient has no need to call the pharmacy or write an email. A few taps on a smartphone and everything’s ready.

4. Video calls and chats

Telemedicine is the most prominent trend in modern medical health market

Telemedicine is one of the most promising areas of healthcare. According to Statista, connecting with doctors and nurses is the most attractive uses of medical apps for app companies. As video is becoming a primary means of personal communication, video chats are only going to become more and more popular.

Nothing can really replace in-person communication, but videos are the closest to it when there’s no possibility for a patient to go to the hospital personally.

Adding this feature to your medical health mobile application will certainly be appreciated by patients and doctors and will give you an advantage among other mobile apps.

5. Dashboards

Dashboards are used to manage and track data in a hospital, which includes KPIs and other metrics. This allows you to visualize data and get all the information in one place. Dashboards also measure generated revenue and the effectiveness of different departments in a hospital or clinic.

Dashboards may include overall hospital information and statistics on client satisfaction, performance, and many other metrics.

6. Notifications

Notifications are one of the best capabilities of a mobile app. Notifications can benefit doctors and patients. Doctors can receive notifications about appointments and changes in their schedules and patients can be reminded to take pills, go to the hospital, get a medical procedure, or refill their prescriptions.

7. Integration with wearables

Wearables allow doctors to gather more information on patient’s health and make more accurate decisions

Wearables are used not only for fitness but also for tracking health and life metrics like heart rate and glucose level. You can make tracking patients’ health more effective by allowing your app to connect with wearables. This can also assist in diagnosing diseases.

8. Doctor profiles

This feature allows patients to view the profiles of doctors in a hospital. Patients can learn about a doctor’s professional experience, credentials, and publications and can see photos of them. This increases the loyalty and credibility of your hospital.

9. Location-based services

You can use location-based technologies to show patients the route to your hospital and help them navigate departments and wings. The best solution is to include both outdoor and indoor maps so that patients won’t get lost inside the hospital once they get there. Your app can also help patients find local family doctors.

10. Accessibility

A hospital mobile app without accessibility is like a fitness app without a workout program. Your app should definitely be accessible for people with disabilities, for example poor sight or color blindness. To make your app accessible, you can use standard solutions from Google and Apple. They give healthcare app developers an ability to implement features like Voice Access or Talkback into your hospital app.


Conveniently flexible to store records and educational materials
Keeping hospital records physically in a room is all about sitting ducks, where the records are not safe from any security vulnerability. However, this archaic system has a more secure format with mobile app technology, where doctors can keep the healthcare records stay available on the app platform.  The records can be stored using Blockchain technology, which further can be accessed by anyone in the field for further consultation or even educational research.

Appointment scheduling

It is a tedious task for patients and hospital staff to check the available appointment slots, book the appointment, or cancel someone’s appointment. This is a time-consuming process. But with a mobile app, this process gets streamlined, where patients get access to schedule their appointment and get regular updates of any changes or cancellation of the appointment scheduled.

Streamlined billing system

In such a busy environment, it is very likely that some payment issues will arise, as not every patient comes with insurance coverage or other billing problems. Standing in queues to pay invoices can irk patients.  Providing them an online bill paying platform streamlines the billing system for your hospital front-desk staff as well.

Brings an edge over competitors

One of the most troubling facts is that even hospitals have to deal with competition. Now every hospital tries to help its existing and prospective patients, by integrating app technology in their business model. If you do not offer the latest technology to your patients then they will probably choose your competitors over you.

Hence, a mobile app, inter alia, is an investment for your hospital where you can take care of your patients and offer them convenience.

Reduce Errors in Processes

On carrying out the different business operations within a hospital, there are fair chances for errors. There can be chances where reports get mixed up and may provide incorrect diagnostics.  This can be proven fatal for a patient’s health. But with mobile apps, this issue is resolved, as patients can check and download their test results over the app platform. This reduces any chances of prescribing the wrong medication, and even any type of allergy to medication or sensitivity towards any drug can also be mentioned in the details. This enables doctors to prescribe the right and effective medications fitting the patient’s requirements.

A productive management system

For a hospital, there is a different set of duties to be handled daily, and these duties consequently help in running a smooth operation. But while managing various things, the internal organizational processes cannot be ignored. Failing to implement an efficient management system can lead to a lower level of service provided. This issue is well-addressed by the mobile app solution that further helps the hospital to run its management operations effectively and monitor every area for the optimal performace.

Types of hospital apps:

1. ER/Urgent Care Apps – Route patients to the nearest and most cost-effective urgent care choice. Provide directions, travel time, wait times, insurance options, etc.

2. Wayfinding Apps – Help patients find their way around your property. Search for departments, staff members, physicians. Provide location-based push messaging, maps, and more.

3. Pregnancy/Childbirth Apps – Help to educate patients and keep them on schedule for appointments and care with a pregnancy tracker. Provide information for both pre and postnatal care, as well as newborn infant care.

4. General Hospital Apps – A main app for your hospital to spotlight your branding and messaging. This overall app can provide hospital information, services provided, virtual tour, ER wait times, etc. A good starting point.

5. Cancer Care/Outpatient Apps – Engage with outpatients about their condition and increase adherence to their treatment plan. Patients can manage their care team and lab results with their treatment tracker. Also provides engagement with other patients.

6. Physician Referral Apps – Referrals, long a thorn in the side of patients and doctors alike, also can benefit from a mobile app. Provide a quick and easy referral process and strengthen physician relationships at your facility. Request appointments directly from the app.

7. Wellness Apps – Encourage patients to track their own health. Provide a health tracker, exercise class schedules, and health and wellness tips. Even offer a reward program to encourage regular use. Great branding.


Lots of qualities persuaded specialists to build a mobile application for their health facility. It offers lucrative advantages in its use for streamlining any complex work. Healthcare mobile apps also enhance administrations and increase efficiency. Hence, it is essential to building a mobile application for your health facility. Remember that a useful mobile app will always give substantial advantages to your business. It also helps you in enhancing your business process. An app is beneficial to not just the patients and the doctors but also the medical staff and the hospital administrators.

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